Ledge Leadership

Our Vision

We imagine a world where every person is leading relationally and sharing power…a place where each person takes responsibility for leading themselves, standing alongside others, and moving through life together.

Our Mission

We mentor young people to become leaders who Risk, Reflect, and Relate as a way of life.


Our Values

1. Inspire Young Leaders - we invest in this life stage as it is critical to shaping leadership effectiveness.

2. Embrace Differences - we value all people equally and work to build relationships in a non-judgemental and caring way.

3. Engage the Whole Person - we nurture all aspects of a person to enhance their personal contribution and impact.

4. Cultivate Teams - we are convinced working together is the most effective way to generate lasting results.

5. Engage Interculturally - we build relationships across the road and around the world.

6. Build Partnerships - we strive for connections with individuals, organizations, and communities to generate mutually beneficial outcomes.

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