Ledge Leadership

Leadership Reimagined Certificate Course:

Leadership reimagined is an intensive and dynamic learning experience for those who are seeking to rethink and reimagine sustainable leadership practices in their workplace.

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Team Leadership Experiences:

Young adults, carefully selected within an organization or community, engage in an immersive team experience designed to provide them with real life leadership skills and character development. Participants spend up to a year, living together in community, training, traveling, and delivering programs and motivational messages to inspire and inform high school students and people in general. Learn More

Customized Transformative Leadership Experiences:

We apply our unique Ledge Leadership approach to customized leadership programs and experiences for partners who are wanting to engage their young leaders in real, lasting change. We work with you to design, develop, and deliver all the components of an experience or program.

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Training, Facilitation, and Development:

We provide leading edge programming for youth and adults, natural ability assessment and career coaching, and dynamic interactive workshops and teaching experiences on a range of topics for both teams and individuals. Contact us for more details.

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Leadership & Personality Assessments

We develop leadership skills using a variety of assessment tools. Some of our assessments include, but are not limited to: Leadership Practices Inventory, Highlands Ability Battery, Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Cultural Intelligence.

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Coaching & Consulting:

During times of organizational change and personal transition points, we educate groups including not-for-profit, charity boards, executive leadership teams, and individuals with processes to help them reflect on their past successes and challenges and develop a clear leadership plan for the future.

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Leadership Environment:

The Clarksburg Retreat is an ideal location for small groups, leadership teams, planning teams, boards, and committees who are looking for an environment suited for learning, reflection, and fun. The facility is uniquely placed on a beautiful 5.5 acre park-like property surrounded by orchards and close to the Beaver River.

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